My Business Model

I offer a client-focused practice, and I believe that part of doing so is to avoid building into my overhead (and thus your fees) permanent costs that do not serve constant (or close thereto) needs of my clients. My practice therefore is what is sometimes called a virtual law firm, without a dedicated physical space in a Class A office building in the most expensive district of some major metropolis. Instead, I rely on both cloud-based resources and “as needed” physical space to meet your needs.

Thanks in part to these efficiencies, my hourly rate is significantly less than what my clients were charged for my time when I practiced in a large law firm. The modern trend is towards the “unbundled” service model, where you mix and match smaller firms and alternative legal service providers, and pay for the overhead of a multinational large firm only when and to the extent absolutely necessary.

Before signing an engagement letter, I will discuss with you whether a standard hourly fee or a “fixed fee” arrangement is appropriate for the work that I will do for you on any given matter.